TENDERS FOR road transportation

Following active tenders available for road transportation across India. View road transportation tender details and road transportation tender notices (NIT) for free. Download Tender documents for road transportation.


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himachal pradesh
manual carriage from road to site of work of 25 kva and its associate material an avg. lead of =0.500 km
6219 Lacs
Expires on 15th Jul, 2024
uttar pradesh
motor operated actuators with sluice valve of size 200 mm. at delivery line of each pump.(2w+1s)
3097 Crores
Expires on 24th Jul, 2024
5000 Crores
Expires on 16th Jul, 2024
4900 Crores
Expires on 16th Jul, 2024
jammu and kashmir
m&l for pcc 1:4:8 type d -2 ( nominal mix) using 40 mm graded crushed stone aggregate as in foundation filling and similar work complete all as specified and directed by- engineer-in-charge.
3090 Crores
Expires on 01st Aug, 2024
providing railing of mild steel angle post 2.0 metre center to center of section 75 milimetre x 75 milimetre x 10 milimetre or equivalent i/c section of height 1.05 above bridge surface with minimum
1154 Crores
Expires on 19th Jul, 2024
200 mm dia di-k9 zone-3
2081 Crores
Expires on 22nd Jul, 2024